Dynamic and versatile, Montreal-based ensemble Flûte Alors! is composed of four new-generation recorder players.  The ensemble has distinguished itself through the audacity of their programmes and the excellence of their performances.  Through their masterful technique and extraordinary musicality, Flûte Alors! presents the recorder as an eloquent instrument capable of expressing the most extreme emotions and the subtlest of nuances.

Flûte Alors! has been awarded prizes and nominations at the national and international level. The ensemble has been featured in numerous music festivals, and has performed in France, Germany, and the United States. Flûte Alors! has performed extensively across Canada as part of the Jeunesses Musicales Canada 2012-2013, Debut Atlantic 2013-2014, and Prairie Debut 2016-2017 tour seasons. The ensemble is currently touring Eastern Canada with their show “Recorders on the Run”, a co-production with Jeunesses Musicales Canada for young audiences.  

Dedicated to pushing the limits of the recorder and expanding the instrument’s repertoire, Flûte Alors! performs music from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, as well as contemporary, jazz, and pop works. The ensemble often collaborates with other artists from diverse backgrounds, and frequently commissions pieces for recorder ensemble from the new generation of composers, in addition to creating their own arrangements.  Flûte Alors!’s performances embark on an eclectic voyage that traverses the ages, offering a bouquet of sonorities and a palette of colours to the delight of every audience.