National Recorder Rendez-vous

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 2021 Flûte Alors! invites you to the National Recorder Rendez-vous, an event that will unite amateur and professional recorder players from across the country. The event offers various activities – à la carte – to celebrate the recorder and the joy of playing together.   The Challenges of the Recorder Repertoire: Early […]

Music in pictures – AVAILABLE ONLINE FROM june 6th to june 20th

While composers draw inspiration from many facets of culture, music inspired by imagery is among the most compelling. This programme explores contemporary music inspired by images, both moving and still, such as recorder solos by Isang Yun embodying a series of Chinese prints, the evocative images conjured up by Antonin Dvorak’s American Quartet, and the […]

2020-2021 Virtual Season

  Thank you for your enthusiasm for our virtual season! To meet the increased demand, we are happy to offer you our first two virtual concerts – Badinage and O Rosa Bella – for two additional weeks! So you can watch, re-watch, and/or share the two recordings with your loved ones until Sunday April 18!     Flûte […]

O Rosa Bella – AVAILABLE ONLINE FROM March 20th to April 3rd

Spanning three centuries (c.1400-c.1650), the Franco-Flemish school is a major musical movement divided into five or six generations, and represents a variety of stylistic differences. The exchanges of ideas, favored by increased travel throughout Europe and the invention of musical printing advanced musical theory and dissemination of composers’ works. The result is a melodic and […]

Badinage – Available online from January 30th to February 13th

Thanks to you, our 2020-2021 virtual concert season is a reality! Flûte Alors! dedicates the first concert of the season to Johann Sebastian Bach. The ensemble presents original arrangements of pieces you thought you knew backwards and forwards! On the program: large-scale works such as the Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor and Brandenburg […]