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Bach’n’Jazz is a concert both serious and casual. Masterpieces by the great Johann Sebastian Bach are skillfully paired with well-known and -loved jazz standards. The ensemble also presents several daring arrangements that are worth discovering.

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Toccate et Fugue, BWV 565 (arr. Alexa Raine-Wright)

Concerto Brandebourgeois no.6, BWV 1051 (arr. Alexa Raine-Wright)


Les feuilles mortes (Joseph Kosma, arr. Nicolas G. Godbout)

Night in Tunisia (Gillespie & Paparelli)

Scherzi Forestieri

Milan, 1614: Giovanni Antonio Cangiasi, a Franciscan monk, died in the prime of his life at age 24. This concert offers a bouquet of his most beautiful 4-part canzonas taken from his only collection of instrumental pieces, titled “Scherzi forestieri”. The concert will be interspersed with sublime madrigals and diminutions, arranged by Flûte Alors! to give a new perspective on old music.

Listen to us:

La furugada (Cangiasi)

Signor mio caro (Cipriano de Rore)

Recorders on the Run

Les athlètes de la flûte à bec

For the music Olympics, these four virtuosos train day and night to develop the nimblest fingers, the strongest embouchures, and the finest ears in the world. Prepare yourself for an exciting, athletic performance with Flûte Alors! From the sopranino to the great bass, these musicians use different types of recorders to showcase an array of music including: baroque, contemporary, popular, and world music. They can do it all.

Target Audience : 3 to 5 years old / 6 to 12 years old
Concert length : 35 minutes / 55 minutes
Languages : English or French

A Jeunesses musicales Canada co-production with Flûte Alors!

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