« The fever takes over, particularly in a finale where the tightrope-walking of the ensemble Flûte Alors! is at its peak. »

Christophe Huss – Le Devoir


« Surprisingly modern sound! »

Marie-Christine Blais, Médium Large – Première chaîne de Radio-Canada


« […] from a technical point of view: impressive rhythmic precision, and attention to detail in articulation and intonation. It made me understand more about the recorder. »

Frédéric Lambert, Médium Large – Première chaîne de Radio-Canada


« An impressive sound that resembles the organ! Great ensemble virtuosity! »

Catherine Perrin, Médium Large – Première chaîne de Radio-Canada


« Vincent Lauzer […], Alexa Raine-Wright, Caroline Tremblay and Marie-Laurence Primeau have displayed their talent and virtuosity with confidence. Equipped with well-oiled musical mechanics and the precision of a clockmaker, Flute Alors! stunned the audience with repertoire from two very different eras. … Flute Alors!, like a good wine! »

Michel Pintal – Le Soleil


Audience comments about the concert Bach’n’Jazz:

« A show of exceptional quality. A jewel! »

« All four were exceptional! Of undeniable quality! »

« Very good concert. Energizing. »

« We rediscover the recorder – or rather the recorders! »

 « The concert is both serious and fun. The adults and children were fascinated. Virtuoso performers!! Excellent concert. Nice choice of pieces. »

 « Great performance. The recorder at its best. »

« A very fine ensemble of Quebecois musicians. We appreciated being able to see and hear them so close to home. Bravo! »