Thank you for your enthusiasm for our virtual season!

To meet the increased demand, we are happy to offer you our first two virtual concerts – Badinage and O Rosa Bella – for two additional weeks! So you can watch, re-watch, and/or share the two recordings with your loved ones until Sunday April 18!



Flûte Alors! dedicates the first concert of the season to Johann Sebastian Bach. The ensemble presents original arrangements of pieces you thought you knew backwards and forwards! On the program: large-scale works such as the Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor and Brandenburg Concerto No. 6, as well as more intimate works such as the Leipzig chorales, originally written for a single organ. With this concert, the quartet continues its exploration of Bach’s fascinating repertoire.
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Spanning three centuries (c.1400-c.1650), the Franco-Flemish school is a major musical movement that represents a variety of stylistic differences. The exchanges of ideas, favored by increased travel throughout Europe and the invention of musical printing advanced musical theory and dissemination of composers’ works. In this concert: Dufay, Des Prés, Attaingnant, Da Rore and more! 
With harpist Sara Lackie.
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