Flûte Alors! dedicates its last concert of the season to Johann Sebastian Bach. The ensemble presents original arrangements of pieces you thought you knew! On the program: Orchestral Suite No. 2 in B minor, and other large-scale pieces, as well as more intimate works such as the Leipzig chorales, originally written for a single organ. With this concert, the quartet continues its exploration of Bach’s fascinating repertoire.

Eolo e Orfeo

Flûte Alors! joins forces with viol consort Les Voix Humaines in a concert where strings and winds court, go to war, and reconcile. With lutenist Sylvain Bergeron and harpist Antoine Malette-Chénier, the two ensembles explore the works of the Italian Renaissance as well as a new creation for four recorders and four viola da gambas by Montreal composer François-Hugues Leclair. Don’t miss this spectacular evening of broken consort!


35 $ Regular / 30 $  Senior / 15 $  Student

Recorders Without Borders

Despite its apparent simplicity, the incredibly versatile recorder reaches music lovers around the world. Across the ages, it has inspired composers from around the globe with its rich timbre and astonishing expressivity. This program explores contemporary soundscapes from Asia, North America, Africa and Europe. Recorder player Sophie Larivière joins Flûte Alors! to perform the music of Mary Ellen Childs, Maki Ishii, Matthias Maute, Chiel Meijering, and Sören Sieg.


25 $ Regular / 20 $  Senior / 15 $  Student