Recorders on the run

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Recorders on the run

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Corelli and his Legacy

Flûte Alors! opens the season with the exquisite world of Arcangelo Corelli. Arguably the greatest composer of the Baroque, Corelli left an incredible legacy that shaped Western music as we know it. With innovative harmonic progressions and balanced structures, his compositions touched and inspired musicians across Europe. 17th-century recorder players were especially charmed, and published arrangements of his violin sonatas for recorder. Flûte Alors! goes a step further, presenting original arrangements of Corelli’s concerti grossi and La Follia for recorder quartet, as well as works by other composers directly inspired by this unparalleled composer.

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Witness a live creation that goes above and beyond the limits! The designers of this creation are none other than the musicians of Flûte Alors!, inspired, among other things, by the chaconnes, canons and ostinato basses of the Baroque. Throughout the concert, the sound of live recorders will be broadcast through loudspeakers, undergoing multiple transformations. Lévy Bourbonnais, talented musician, sound engineer and composer, will accompany Flûte Alors! in this great adventure. Dive into a musical exploration of the most extraordinary kind!